A/B Testing: How Minor Changes Can Have Surprisingly Major Results


I am here to tell you how making minor changes to your website such as changes in the landing page’s design, colors/imagery, or just rephrasing your headline or call-to-action button can increase your conversion rates. There is not one major change, but a number of minor changes that can make a big difference to the number of visitors who complete your checkout process, opt-in to your email list, etc. This is what A/B Testing can find out for you. 

Since no website is the same and each site has unique offerings, there is not a right or wrong way to optimize your page. However, there is a way to test minor changes to your website by experimenting with different variables. This is where A/B Testing comes in. 

First, What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing is nothing more than experimentation. You have two versions of the same element and you subject both versions to experimentation, and in the end decide which version was more successful. For example, let’s say that you want to see if the color of the call-to-action button, in this case “start your free trial now,” has an effect on the number of conversions (the metric you are trying to measure). First, you split half your traffic between these two versions. 50% of traffic sees your existing color (green) and the other 50% sees the new color (blue). You measure their performance and select the color that performs the best. 


There are no general optimization tricks that will increase your number of conversions, lower your bounce rate, increase sales, etc. There are only ways to test different optimization effects. 

In order to get an idea of different A/B Tests, I googled “increase conversions with A/B Testing” and came across a blog giving me some insight. 

Here is a list of 7 simple A/B Tests that can increase conversion rates by 10% or more:

  • Test #1: Buy Now vs. Free Trial— Leverage a “Free Trial” Strategy by adding a link on your homepage, test it against your “Buy Now” link, and see the difference in your sign up rate. Overall revenue increase should still be well into the double digit percentages.
  • Test #2: Credit Card vs. No Credit Card— The difference between asking for a credit card upfront to start a free trial versus asking for it later. 
  • Test #3: Trust Symbols— By adding a simple trust symbol, such as the “VeriSign Trusted” to a page where you are asking for personal information can increase the number of leads you are generating., Image
  • Test #4: Adding a Live Chat— This can better serve your customers but can also increase conversion rates!
  • Test #5: Help People, Don’t Sell Them— Use a supportive tone instead of a sales pitch. See HUGE conversion lifts.
  • Test #6: Removing Form Fields— decrease the amount of forms, increase the number of leads.
  • Test #7: Placement of Your Call-to-Action Buttons— You heard “Call-to-Action” buttons earlier in my example, but try testing it’s different placement. Higher placement can sometimes be all the difference in the world.

Still not convinced?

Think about your own life. Making even the smallest changes in the phrasing of a sentence can change the meaning completely. This can be true when trying to get more signups on your website. By making a friendly offering that immediately may benefit them is a more effective strategy than “you’re just one step away from getting free access…” 

Give A/B Testing a try, and see what simple, minor optimization changes can do for you.



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