36 Points Earned, on Day 1 of @codeacademy


Learning the HTML coding process can be lengthy, repetitive and tiresome. However, after just two hours of learning the Fundamentals of HTML, Basics I and II as well as creating my own webpage! I know where to begin, how to add headings, titles, paragraphs and lists (both ordered and unordered). I learned how to simply jazz up my page: change background colors and fonts (in size, color and type), make comments unseen to the page, as well as align, bold and italicize text.


By making an account (it’s free!) you can sinc your profile up with other web channels where you have another online presence. I recommend it; you can maybe boost your @cloutscore 😉

Upon completing just the first 2 hours learning basic HTML coding, it gave me a point count, of 36. But I’m sure that is nothing in the realm of things.

What’s next for me?

Next time, I will get to create my own social networking profile via coding. Then onto more of the HTML Structure, Cascading Style Sheets, Classes, IDs and lastly, element positioning. 

Keep following me to learn more of my HTML journey.


Want to brag?

Comment below and tell me your @codeacademy score and what you’ve learned!


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