Content Marketing: Entice your reader

I recently read a scholarly article that explained how to create effective content in your online marketing efforts and how it can lead to more traffic, leads and eventually, sales. The reason I bring up this article is because content marketing has become the new form of branding and this article is the easiest to understand because, like powerful content, it is written in a language that it’s audience can relate to.


Content Marketing is about producing content that solves some problem, or addresses a desire that the audience, you are targeting, expresses. It is becoming the best way to build your brand’s awareness, preference and audience’s trust, without selling them a sales pitch. Because, as I’m sure we all can relate, no one wants to be interrupted in the middle of dinner by some telemarketer who wants you to take some survey, or hear what their selling. This form of traditional marketing is now termed “interruptive marketing” because it is an annoying way for marketers to find customers. But the fact is, more and more people don’t take too kindly to this method. In other words, they don’t want to be found. They would rather stumble across your product when researching online, in order to find an answer to some problem or simply educate themselves. The article says it the best: “Prospects are not waiting to be sold to —they’re proactively gather information, soliciting peer recommendations, and making decisions about you and your competitors…before you realize anything is happening.”This is the way people are now buying. 

Okay, so you understand that in order to get prospect buyers to find you, you must create content that either solves a problem, or meets the reader’s own personal desires. But that’s not enough to keep the readers engaged.

Tricks to creating “smart” content:

  • Pulls prospects to your site by making it interesting and relevant to your audience.
  • Create audience-focused content. Speak their language and always relate your content back to them.
  • Engage readers with valuable information that they can use. In other words, how can you help them? 
  • Be authoritative in your niche. Be the expert. Perceived authority leads to gained credibility and eventually, trust.

How to reach prospective buyers:Image

Content Marketing reaches your target audience when it is combined with:

  • Social Sharing: My previous blog expressed the importance of Social Media in the business world. In case you didn’t get a chance to read it, click here. Effective Social Media Marketing is about sharing content publicly, providing networked word-of-mouth. Social sharing can direct high-quality content to Google, and make it higher up in the search engine results. 
  • Search: Google is becoming smarter and smarter and is now picking up on signals directed (through social networks) to “worthy” content. Tweak your content so that it doesn’t go unnoticed by Google, so the right people find your content.

With powerful content, search engine optimizing and social networking, you will be sure to create content that reaches your intended audience and ties back your your company. In the long run, you will see significant brand recognition, understanding of your unique product benefits and ultimately, increases in sales.


If you agree, disagree or would like to add something, please comment! Thanks for reading!





“The Business Case for Agile Content Marketing” by CEO Brian Clark of Copyblogger Media


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