The most important metrics to track in SEO

Search Engine Optimization can be daunting to marketers because of the information overload found on web analytics,  however it is essentially to your company’s success. SEO tracks your online website’s traffic; the traffic mainly from referrals from other websites, search engines, email and other promotional campaign’s links, 


First-off, what is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is all about making sure your online website is easy for users to find and understand what your company is about and how it’s content is beneficial to you. In order for people to find your website, it must be easy to find by search engines and therefore understand your webpages’ content. This is not easy to do, because search engines still don’t understand online content the same way as humans do. SEO makes it easier for search engines to do so.


My recommendation? Start my ensuring you track the metrics that matter most. While every business is different, these metrics are universally critical to your success with SEO optimization

1. Traffic sources, including:

  • Direct Navigation- directly typed in traffic, traffic from bookmarks and untraceable email links
  • Referral traffic- links to your website from other webpages, trackable emails and links from other promotional campaigns. 
  • Queries that sent traffic from any major and minor Search Engines

2. Visits referred by each search engine and compared individually.

3. Visits referred by specific terms and phrases within search engines.

4. Conversion rates (becoming members) by query terms

  • Also telling us which page visitors land on based on the query phrase used


By tracking conversion rates from keyword phrase referrals, this helps your business understand which keywords send visitors who then convert (sign up to become members and receive more information). This will lead your company to improve rankings and the whole visitor experience by controlling which landing pages visitors reach. 



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