Inbound Marketing for Dummies.

The world as we know it is becoming more technologically advanced each day, and society is becoming increasingly more dependent on it. The internet allows consumers to research and educate themselves about a product without hearing a sales pitch. Knowing that, marketers have learned to reach prospective buyers using this new buying model: Inbound Marketing. To make it easy to understand, Inbound Marketing is:

“The process of helping potential customers find your company – often
before they are even looking to make a purchase – and then turning
that early awareness into brand preference and, ultimately, into leads
and revenue.”

Marketers have learned that in a rapidly changing world, we need to adapt to the needs of the consumers, and therefore to match with their preferred buying practices. Many traditional forms of marketing intend to find potential buyers through forms of direct mail, telemarketing calls, commercials, etc. Inbound Marketing using an opposite approach by creating informative, educational and/or entertaining content that the consumer is seeking or simply interested in. By optimizing and distributing this content across many online channels, it is intended to engage prospective buyers and build a relationship with your brand or business. While the content is promotional in nature, it is also relevant to the consumer and so buying prospects in a sense “find” you instead of you finding them. This technique is a very valuable tool because people become more informed about your product, brand or service and can actually build a relationship through online interaction, eventually leading to a sale.


By speaking the language of your target consumer, eventually prospects may plug terms used in your online content into the search engine when seeking information, you are more likely to appear higher on the search engine results.


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